Carmex products review

Hello girls!
Today I'm going to show you the full range of carmex lip protectors . Surely this brand and you will know many but do you know all? Let's see them.

My opinion about Carmex products:

The best-known product of carmex is the Classic jar , its smell is typical of lip protectors. Its texture is very dense so it gives the feeling that it protects the lips a lot.
The classic jar I see it ideal to use at night when you go to sleep and your lips are very cracked and dry.
If I had to say something bad would be that I do not like lip protectors in the form of jar , I find it less hygienic and also sometimes I do not feel like entering your finger in the pot because it is sticky, but otherwise it is very good.

Carmex cherry (Cherry);

As its name suggests has a smell of aiss cherries that make you want to eat it. Both jars contain 7.5 grams and have an approximate price of 4.95 €
carmex cherry and classic carmex

Carmex in classic bar;

It is the one that I use the most for its comfort. It smells and has the same effect as classic carmex but contains less 4.2 grams. Its approximate price is 4.95 €.

classic bar carmex

Carmex in classic tube;

This slides through the lips gently and evenly.

The good thing is that you only spend what you will need and it will not spoil if you keep it in the sun and everything goes to one side. Those who follow me in Instagram already know that I say it from experience ...
classic tube carmex
But the ones that caught my attention the most are the range ...

" Moisture Plus" by Carmex:

They are characterized by ultra-moisturizing lip balms with vitamin E, Aloe Vera, tip inclined and sun protection factor of 15.
The first one is the Transparent Moisture Plus as well as leaving the lips very hydrated like all Carmex leaves with brightness.
And the second one I liked the most about Moisture Plus Peach , and l carmex with color.

What I do not like are the little pots but I fully understand that they have them in all formats because what I do not like someone else can love.

All products of the carmex brand you can buy them by clicking on>>> ALL ECONOMIC CARMEX BALSAMS.

And what do you think of the Carmex products ? Which one did you like the most?