Fashion clones

Hello girls!
Probably many times you will have liked something from the big companies but when you have looked at the price you have not paid to pay it. That's right.
But since the low cost brands are in everything, they are in charge of "cloning the accessories and fashion clothes" and then they say of the Chinese ... but not ... They already do all of them and that's why today I bring you examples of these fashion clones .
Because I do not care about being " The girl of clone ", while I have cool things at laughable prices, compared to what the originals are worth.

Fashion clones:

1 . The clone of the fried potato shell already has its imitation. The one in the first photo is the original case, which the first time I saw her Chiara Ferragni I did not like anything. But like everything, from seeing it so much until I like it. The second is the bershka potato chip casing a little larger.
moschino clone sleeve
2. Checkers , the first ones are from Chloe and the second ones from H & M you do not need to be a fortune-teller to tell you that the prices will have absolutely nothing what to see, I do not know how much are those of h & m but knowing that those of Chloe cost € 850 ... as I stay with those of h & m.
clothing clones

3. Floral pants the first ones are from Erdem for the low price (Ironía) of 697 € and the seconds of zara for 29.95 €, I do not It's you but let's go I do not give € 697 for some pants or dead.

clothing clone
From here, I do not tell you any prices but you also have the second images just like me.
4 Black shirt with pistols , the first one of Saint Laurent and the second one of Mango . If I tell you the truth, I do not like any of them, they seem horrible to me.
shirt clones
5. Shirts with black bow the first is from Alexander Mcqueen and the second shirt is from stradivarius . This is one of the clones-imitation that most resemble and at more than different prices.
shirt clones
What Do you think the fashion clones ?