10 places to visit before dying

Hello girls!

Today I bring you the places that I would like to visit before dying , I do not really hurry you know that "bad bug never dies" ", So I'm going to take it very calmly but before I die I want to visit.

10 Places to visit before dying:

1. The Mamanuca Islands ; There are 20 small islands, some of them can even be explored on foot in a short time. It is a small paradise for people in love with water and nature with white sand and turquoise beaches.
Mamanuca Islands
2. The enchanted island of Yemen : is the most isolated island on the planet with landscapes and animals never seen elsewhere.
The island Haunted from Yemen:
trees enchanted island of Yemen
3. The Eiffel Tower ; the site that I'd like to visit before I die . Before being called the Eiffel Tower it was called the 330 meter tower, it is a puddle-shaped iron structure designed by the French engineer Gustave Eiffe and also the closest site I have.
the eiffel tower
4. In China, the Stone Forest : a place where the stones seem to spring from the earth and giving rise to precious and rare forest.
Chinese stone forest
5. Venezuela, the falls of the angel : these are flat mountains with 979 meters of free fall.
Angel Falls Falls
6. In Arizona, the desert waves: are rock formations that have molded the wind, although it is very difficult to find them.
desert waves
7In Guatemala, the canyon of the pools: it is a canyon of the river Cahabón that gives place to a paradise.
canyon of the pools
9. The Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil) these are also well known.
cataratas del iguazu
10. And finally the Reef in Belize , a beautiful place where man has not yet put his hand (to destroy it)
 reef in belize
Source: 20minutos.es
What do you think of the places I want to visit before dying ? Which one did you like the most?