Chollos of the week

Hello girls!

From now on every week I will bring you a entry with the best bargains you can see on the net , in this way you will find very interesting things at very low prices. That yes, we continue with the theme of the blog the bargains will be related to beauty, fashion or household appliances.


We're not going to find a tractor or anything like that, unless the bargain is too big.

Amazon bargains for this week:

1 The first bargain this week are these 12 professional brushes with packaging to keep them for the price of € 10.76. These brushes are some of you since we made a draw with 3 winners and 3 of them won the same prize.

Some of you have commented to me that they are very comfortable and soft. You can buy them in New 12pcs professional cosmetic makeup brushes Makeup tool kit with precious glass protector. (pink)


2. Book to make your own natural cosmetics, is in the top 100 best-selling Amazon books. In it you will find the best recipes for natural cosmetics and ingredients that are very easy to find in Spain. Its price is 19 euros Make your own natural cosmetics

3. In Perfumes Club, we will find the Clinique cosmetics. 3 STEP SYSTEM: STEP 2. Cleansing lotion 2, for mixed skin for a price of € 11.96, exfoliates the skin without drying it, does not contain alcohol and leaves skin soft and radiant. Actually they have a lot of cosmetics and perfumes on offer you can see them all in Offers of Perfumesclub

4. In offerum we found SEO and SEM course this course I did a few months ago and it is helping me a lot with the blog, mostly in the positioning.In groupalia they have something that has called me a lot of attention
Scale with fat measurement and body hydration in white and pink prettiest impossible. It has many features in between it informs you of the daily energy you need and helps you control your weight. Its price is € 18.90 and you can find it in Chollos groupalia in the shopping area.

What do you think of the offers bargain this week ?