Haircuts trend 2015

Hello girls!
If you plan on cutting your hair and do not think which one is better, take a look at How to know which haircut looks better.
But it is also important to know what are the trends of Haircuts for 2015 , so today as you could not otherwise here you have the best of what it will take :
Trend Haircuts 2015
1. The short hair , if there is still a tendency for 2015, good for me, because from here to growing up ... the same thing, I'll be happy. The pixie and bob haircuts are still worn.
2. It will take the smooth hair just one side and the fringes to the side.
3. The wavy tresses , so loved by some and so hated by others, especially by those who have fine hair that there is no one to hold them.
4. The pigtails and high buns will also be worn in 2015, the short ones this comes/it's great.
5. The long manes will take rounds and reddish or chestnut colors.
6. The melena midi with asymmetrical cuts .
And here the haircuts for the 2015 haircut trend for 2015

do you like it more? Would you like to have the short hair this 2015 ?