Hello Beauty!
Many times you have thought about the reason for having greasy hair, opaque, brittle, with dandruff, brittle ... and in the end you always end up throwing it Sorry for the shampoo you use at that time.
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In many cases if it is the shampoo's fault but if you change regularly and you still have the same problems, it's time to change some things.
To have a healthy and beautiful hair first thing is to identify the hair you have if it is dry, oily or mixed from there buy specific shampoos and masks for this type decabellos and carry out these tricks for girls.
- Do not expose your hair to the sun for a long time, and if you do, do not forget to use a sunscreen for your hair like The invisible protector for your hair to pamper your hair .
- Do not overload the irons and dryers and always use them at a medium temperature never too hot.
- Wear healthy eating and eat plenty of fruits.
- Cut your ends every 3 months so that the hair grows stronger.
- Dale volume, while you wash your hair rubs the foam from the root to the tips. Then dry it with the head down.
- To have it more luminous, wash the hair with warm water and finish with cold water.
- Try using shampoos without párabenos and silicones such as Timotei, 0% Parabens, 0% Dyes, 0% Silicones
- If your hair is very thin not you can forget about Tips for fine hair
- And finally if you do not get rid of dandruff follow these tips for Hair with dandruff
Did you know these tricks for girls to have a healthy and beautiful hair ?