My opinion about Cellu blue

Hello girls!
It's been over a month since I'm trying out a product for my novelty, because when I arrived, I had no idea what it was. I'm talking about Cellu blue , a suction cup to combat cellulite.

What is Cellublue?

It's a suction cup silicone that sucks the skin and serves to give anti-cellulite massages. Cellu Blue can be used on all types of cellulite, whatever its origin: mixed, adipose, watery or fibrous.

opinion on Cellu blue
When I arrived, I did not remember that this package had to arrive and the first impression when I saw it was A meluna glass? And where did it come from?
If that's what happens to people who have their heads on another planet. Then I remembered that it was Cellu blue .

How is Cellu blue used?

Cellu blue is used with other creams or oils, in my case I have used it with Rosa mosqueta ​​b> although you can also use it with Argan oil or similar. You can also use it with anti-cellulite creams.

We put the product that we are going to use on our skin, and then on top we put Cellu blue sucking the skin and giving light massages.

Do not pass by sucking because if you squeeze too much you can do some damage, although you can tighten more or less depending on your skin.
You have to use it for about 3-4 weeks a minimum of 5 minutes a day for each area to see the results.
Its price is 18.90 €
opinion about Cellu blue

Did Cellu blue work for me? ?

My opinion of Cellu blue.

Neither good nor bad, s as used. I started very well using it every day, with all the days I mean a week and then I started to get very lazy.

I understand that for something to work takes time but if you only have cellulite in a zone 5 minutes do not assume you. On the other hand if for example you have 4 areas with cellulite are 20 minutes every day and if you already have more areas ... I think it's too long.
For the record that I tried to use the maximum possible but most of the time just I've used it for 10 minutes a day, they say time is money.
Knowing that I have not used it all the time I should have noticed that it has reduced a little cellulite, which I would not know if you also It would be reduced if you only used rosehip.
I think something has had to do because it is easier to give yourself an anti-cellulite massage with cellu blue than with just your hands.

Advantages that I see in the cellu blue:

- Reduce the cellulite a little (Use it more time about 6 months if I see that it reduces much more I'll make new entry).
- It you can use it thousands of times.
Disadvantages of the cellu blue:
- We have to spend a lot of time and sometimes it gets very slow.
Do I recommend it?
I recommend it to people who have patience and do not rush to see the results.Although it looks like it is the same as this and does the same function as this one. The only difference is that the cellu cup has glitter and is worth 0.10 more cents.

I'll edit again: after this the brand has released another with an application for the mobile that I have shown you in Instagran in>>> this photo , well I have been great about the application and I have removed a lot of cellulite, I still have a little bit but being constant I think I will achieve it.

The application controls the time, the times that you have to use it, we go for the vague as I am the best.

Is there any cellu blue or cellu cup? low cost?
The cellu blue is not very expensive, but you have asked me if there is something similar but cheaper since you do not dare to buy something you do not know will give you good results.

Well in amazon you can find 2 that are practically the same but much cheaper:

What do you think about Cellu blue ?