Korean skin-lounge masks

Hello girls!
Something very important for the care of our face besides the creams and a good cleaning are the masks, that is why today I am going to give you my opinion about the Korean skin masks -lounge .

What are Korean skin-lounge masks?

These are Korean high-design masks that integrate the need for a high-performance facial care with the enjoyment of it.

These masks combine a fiber base of cellulose or hydrogel with an impregnation of serum enriched with vitamins and natural nutrients, creating a second skin that perfectly fits the facial contour.
Thanks to the continuous contact with the skin, there is a cooling effect in the same that stimulates blood flow and relaxes the facial muscles, allowing the rapid absorption of nutrients and releasing the signs of stress and fatigue.
skin-lounge skin masks

I have tried all the skin-lounge masks and as I've always liked some more than others Do you stay to see it?

Hydrogel mask view of skin-lounge:

The first mask I tried is the > HYDROGEL MASK , to make it effective give the masks of this brand we have to leave them 15-20 minutes and finally massage with the rest of serum quequeda.

After using it I have noticed my skin more hydrataday and elastic, the format of this mask does not like me much as I prefer them which are in the form of cream that you put the amount you think necessary but ... I must say that after using it I liked the result.

Their ingredients are:
- Sodium Hyaluronate (MOISTURIZING)
- Centella Asiatica Extract (TONIFYING)
- Rosa Rugosa Flower Extract (ANTIOXIDANT)
- Silk Aminoacids (NOURISHING)

Korean skin-lounge mask
 moisturizing mask

Opinion Korean mask firming lift mask:

The second Korean skin-care mask that I tried was the Firming lift mask , this mask restores the vitality and firmness of the dull skins which has worked. I have noticed my skin with more vitality and more toned.

Its ingredients are:
- Sodium Hyaluronate (MOISTURIZING)
- Hydrolyzed Collagen ( REVITALIZING & FIRMING)
- Punica Granatum Fruit Extract (ANTIOXIDANT)
- Portulaca Oleracea Extract (SOOTHING)

The yellow mask is called PEARL BRIGHTENING MASK (The yellow) , this Korean mask softens, nourishes and brightens the skin opaque and fatigued.But since I know you're in a good mood, that's why there's no problem.

skin-lounge skin masks
 Korean facial mask
What do you think of the Korean skin-lounge masks ? Have you tried them?