The cosmetics of miss-patisserie

Good morning girls!
Today I am going to talk about the female cosmetics of miss-patisserie b> a company founded in 2009 by Charlotte Ridgwell who has a great love for beauty and bathroom products.
He began making his products by hand and selling them in local stores, his business started to grow and now the brand can be found in more than 150 stores in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Your goal is to have fun and feel unique with your products at the time of bath.

Opinion female cosmetic products miss-patisserie:

cosmetics miss-patisserie

100% natural lip balm called Rose Geranuim .

It is white-yellow, it smells like roses and my lips are very hydrated.
Something I liked a lot is that It is natural only contains: mango butter, coconut butter, jojoba oil, rose geranuim and conditioners
Although undoubtedly what I liked the most is the packarding with black and white stripes and a beautiful bulldog dog.
lip balm miss-patisserie

Miss patisserie red-plum color dye;

This enticement keeps the lips hydrated with shine and with a little touch of color.

Its ingredients are: rosehip, jojoba oil, waxes and vitamins C, D and EY like the previous one balsam of miss-patisserie you can not deny me that the packaging is precious.

labial tint miss-patisserie
Finally I show you this handmade soap called lemongrass and coconut . It is also yellow-white, but it is not an artisanal soap that makes a lot of foam and thanks to its poppy seeds it also exfoliates.
Its ingredients are: Coconut, peach, white tea, poppy seeds, citrus aroma, hints of lemon grass and butter and oils.
lemongrass and coconut
In the package they sent me another product which I never knew what it was because the heat came all melted and I had to throw it away.