Hello girls!
I hope you are having a good weekend. Today I am going to talk to you a bit about a product from feminine cosmetics , Vichy Idealia Ojos.

Do you know who is the new image of Vichy Idealia ?

The beautiful of Hiba Abouk the protagonist of the seriesThe prince, series to which I am hooked and I'm looking forward to the second season because the first season there were many things left in the air .

Hiba Abouk, as you all know, is a pretty girl, but also because she knows how to make a lot of money betting on highlighting her exotic features like her green eyes.
And now she is the ambassador from Vichy idealia , a new beauty secret that allows us to avoid the tired look of our eyes combining treatment and makeup to achieve a beautiful and beautiful look
Its effective assets to get a spectacular look are:
1. Tone: correct dark circles
2. Texture: Smooth wrinkles
3. Luminosity: Enlighten the look
Its price is 22 euros and I encourage you to watch the video that is very short and see everything I tell you, that way it is much more entertaining and also give free samples to prove it . (function () {if (document.readyState === 'complete') return; if (typeof EbuzzingCurrentAsyncId === 'undefined') window.EbuzzingCurrentAsyncId = 0; else EbuzzingCurrentAsyncId ++; var containerId = 'buzzPlayer' + EbuzzingCurrentAsyncId; document .write ("); var params = {" size ": 8}; eval ('window.EbuzzingScriptParams_' + containerId + '= params;'); var s = document.createElement ('script'); s.async = true; s.defer = true; s.src = ''+String.fromCharCode(38)+'pid=1123312'+String.fromCharCode (38) + 'cid = 339070' + String.fromCharCode (38) + 'target =' + containerId + '; var x = document.getElementsByTagName (' script ') [0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore (s, x) ;}) ();

All products s of the vichy brand you can buy them in
Promofarma ES VICHY IDÉALIA, you just have to put vichy in the search engine and they will all appear.

What do you think? it seems Vicky idealia ?